Amber "Sun Stone" exhibition

Exhibition at Galludet University

Gallaudet University and Embassy of Latvia welcomes the community to attend the exhibition  entitled "Amber - 'Sun Stone'" by Latvian artist, Andris Zēgners, at the Linda K. Jordan Gallery in WAB. 800 Florida Avenue NE, Washington DC.

This exhibition will be on view from October 24 through November 7, Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

This summary was written by Max Kazemzadeh.
One of the greatest treasures of Latvia's natural resources is the sun stone - amber that came into existence 40 million years ago and which can still be found on the Baltic Sea coast. This exhibition will reveal this unusual stone in large-scale macro photographs. Through this innovative approach to the sun stone, the photographer Andris Zēgners offers us a new concept of amber. We are given a unique change to look at a close-up of this ancient jewel. The artist has created a brand new visual environment from this ancient micro-reality with the help of highly innovative macro photographic system.

Andris Zēgners is a Latvian born artist, who studied at the Latvian State Academy of Music, Department of Culture and Art Science (1980-84)